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Ǝ L E M E N T S / Mannheim

Tom Rumpf AKA milKyman, Dj White and Circus C was born in early 80s in Szeged, Hungary. Raised by parents with lots of music attitude. He was 16 when he started warm up set playing on underground techno events. In that year wich was 1999 he had his first “all night long set” booking from Cafe Zone Club, wich one of the most important underground place was in that time in Szeged. After couple of events and finishing his study in secundary school, he decided to move to London. He spent there 3 years, collecting vinyls, made his music knowledge better and played sets in small bars and underground events. In 2012 he won a compatation hosted by Novation, Ableton and Bloc Festival. He had a chance to play his winning set on Stubnitz Boat at Block Festival, London. Nowadays he has several parties around Mannheim, such as Schlosskeller Darmstadt, Manufaktur Mannheim and EJR events in Heidelberg. But when he able to go back to Hungary he always organize something or take the invite from hungarian scene. He plays from house till techno almost everything, but he has couple of dub and breakbeat vinyl as well in his bag. In his sets he always try to travel between genres. Influenced him lots of artist Kraftwerk, Jean- Michel Jarre, Aphex Twin, Richie Hawtin, Moderat, Underworld, Daft Punk, Sven Väth and more, more and more...
Projects : Hanky - Panky Beats (Hungary), CUE (Germany)
Realeses: Spike Records, Clash & Splash Records